Editing Component Attributes takes 1 minute to save

Making my first steps in modeling dynamic components is not very succesful.
Adding or editing attributes is very slow.
It take almost 1 minute for each step to execute.

please up load your model so can check.

It is a large file of 100 MB. Is the model too big to process dynamic component attributes?

Isolate (right click, saveas) the DC to a separate file then import it or drop it into a new file, see how it preforms.
In large model context, maybe closing Outliner may increase performance, however I am of the understanding this was supposed to be fixed in the 2020 version

Thank you. That makes a difference!
However when entering the travel tutorial example the last steps fails.
When adding the Custom Travel attribute to the Position X, the expression turns into: # =0 cm +0
The dash and the original value is typefaces in bold red??

remove the units ,

= 5 say not 5 cm

best to upload if this does not work

I have had this happen as well in 2020, I was really hopeful it would be fixed but it seems there is still a hiccup that causes DC’s to lag horribly in certain circumstances (about a minute to change the simplest attribute or add a new one). No idea why this happens but it definitely does. Think its the same problem I have been chasing since 2019 came out…

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It seems that the programming language looks-up every object in te model for possible references. The larger the model, the larger the time for evaluating an updated attribute expression. Not very efficient. A reference to another object always has an objectname separated by a dot with other objects in a hierarchy or attribute name.
My first dynamic component is a sliding wall with a rotating door.
Tip: use a range of 0 to 1 in the animate() function and multiply its return value with the sliding distance of the wall and rotation of the door.

The weird part, at least for my issue, is that the same problem files work fine in 2018. It really makes me think that something got changed in the 2019 release and has now carried over into 2020. I get around it by not editing DCs in models. If it needs a change I pull it into an empty file and make the changes, then save it and swap in the component with the changes. It works but it is really annoying.

Hide rest of model solves performance issue in large models!

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