Adding Component Attribute Buggy in 2022?

Having issues adding attributes to a basic component. Clicking on a group of attributes causes the group to disappear from the options. Then they are not available to add anymore until you close and re-open the component attributes panel.

Mar-18-2022 11-03-52

You CAN add them individually but it takes an unusually long time!

Mar-18-2022 11-12-32

My setup…



Works in Windows. I have never used SketchUp on a Mac so I cannot say if this is a new thing there or if it has always been the same.

There was a problem in 2021, that I think is fixed in 2022, where if you open Attributes for a selected component, then open Options, the Options panel would be empty. Opening Options before Attributes worked around that.

I think you are seeing a connected issue. If you select the component, look at Options and see the component listed, then Attributes should be able to add a group of attributes. Pretty sure it’s a once per session problem, after working around the issue on the first component you work on after opening SketchUp, further components behave correctly.

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Thanks @colin but no amount of fiddling with the Component Options Panel seems to help.

I experienced this in 2021 and it is still in 2022, not sure what triggers it…

Reboot of SketchUp works…

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Once it is not working that session, it continues not working.

Here is a screen recording where in the first session I do things in the wrong order, and it stays broken. Then I quit and open again, and this time I do things in the right order.

The HD version isn’t yet processed as I post this. Wait a bit longer if the quality is poor.

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Oh I see now! OK thank you for explaining that work at around.

It is a bug that Sketchup should nonetheless fix. Restarting Sketchup every time you do something in a sequence that is logical but doesn’t match Sketchup’s logic is not an acceptable.

I believe there are a couple similar “little annoyances” (at least on Mac) that have been around for years that similarly could be buttoned up…

Materials sometimes disappear from the Colors\Material Pallet > requires SU restart

When editing a colorized material, the color sliders don’t register the color for that material but rather the last color you picked, making it almost impossible to adjust an almost perfect color.

Any others?

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Unfortunately, 2021 won’t be changed to fix the attributes issue. It is fixed in 2022.

Not sure about the other issues. Might need an example file and specific steps to test whether that has been improved in 2022.

Hey @colin, I just replicated this in 2022 exactly as in your example.

Knowing the order to avoid helps though thanks!

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Tool tips on horizontal tool bars don’t work.

I have started using this extension for materials on Mac, it does what I expected the materials browser in SketchUp to be able to do…

Here is an example of the colour adjustment glitch.

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I tracked down the discussion about the problem. It looks like although a new bug report was created, it didn’t yet get fixed. Just as well that the same work around steps help 2022 too!

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I feel sure that has been logged as a bug, but I can’t find it at the moment.

@trent could you use your Jira superpowers, and see if you can find the bug report?

It does seem not to be fixed yet.

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It is happening in 2022. That is the report from my original issue.

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Yes, sorry to take 10 posts to get there!

Materials window glitch.

That’s all I got for Mac bug examples.

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Hey @colin, Here is another for you, seems to happen randomly but semi frequently, usually after the laptop sleeps, or the SketchUp window is inactive for a while. Everything seems to be working except the model space, i.e. all the components windows, tools icons on the cursor. Restart SketcchUp fixes it.

This is a known, long-standing issue only on Mac.

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Here is ANOTHER Material Panel Bug…

When editing a material, the editing area obscures materials toward the bottom of the material panel and the material panel will not allow you to scroll down to them…

Mar-25-2022 10-31-42

Here is another bug with the Component Options Panel… Sometimes the panel will get stuck showing the options for a certain component. As you select/deselect the item or other items, the panel stays frozen on the same display…

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