I keep getting the same two issues

i keep getting the same two issues

  1. options in dynamic components keeps giving me no options to choose from in the choose window when there should clearly be some to choose from. i fix this problem by reseting my computer and then it work fine for s short time. its getting annoying

  2. in the add attributes window when i select (ADD ALL) the 3, lenx, leny, and lenz do not show up and also are now missing from the list to select from.

    you will see in this pic i have picked the (positions add all) and they are completely missing

it works when i pick them one at a time

please let me know if anyone has a solution to these problems thank you

You already have LenX, LenY, and LenZ in the top level component. You are trying to add attributes to the top level component, and your options for NEW attributes don’t include ones your already used!

This makes total sense. Why would you expect SketchUp to offer to add a predefined attribute that is already included?

sorry “position” is labeled X,Y and Z and it is not showing at all in the pic in the component “mother”

OK. Now that IS odd.

maybe i should try to uninstall sketch up and reinstall it i also have 2016 still installed on my computer so maybe thats messing it all up.

Haven’t seen any problems in having both 2016 and 2017 on my Mac.

colin did you also have the problem were send to layout was greyed out on the 2016 version?

Just tried, and I can send to layout in either 2016 or 2017.

make sure both versions of SU are running the latest DC extension, both need to be the newest version…

there have been other 'send to layout was greyed out ’ threads and proposed solutions on the forum…

they point at the new Sierra security features being over zealous…