SketchUp Pro 2016 dynamic components problems



Just upgraded to 2016 and wanted to make a simple adjustable dynamic component with an editable text box.

In the component attribute box I can’t ‘add all’ component info boxes, e.g position, rotation.
It acts as if it has, disappears from the info box but doesn’t appear in the attribute box.
Go back to info box and the selected info choices are not there, go back again and they appear.

I can add them singularly but not as a group and all the individual ones work fine.

Not a major issue could be a bit of a pain on larger components and was definitely working on 2015.


Hey There

I checked both Mac and Windows and the add all seems to be working ok. What is your OS and what verison of internet explorer (if you’re running windows) or safari (if you’re running OSX) do you have?



+1 if you have IE8 (Win7), it reverts to the ye olde generate report, thnx for the reminder, Bryce. Win8 and better works, or Win7 with an updated IE, or off line detected.


Running Windows 10 with IE11.
Going back to it I tried again on another drawing I was doing and it appears to be ok. I’m not sure if it’s a problem this end or what but I’ll live with it.

Probably over stretching myself again :grinning:

Thank you anyway


Good to hear! Let us know if it starts up again.