Component Attributes Editor taking forever?

In 2021 and 2022, changing a attribute for DC takes longer and longer depending on how big a model it is in… Why?

I have gotten in the habit of editing my Dynamic Components in an empty file and pasting them into where I am actually working.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Is it the expected behavior?

I think I first noticed it in 2019, 2018 worked great with DCs. Anyways yes, it’s super annoying and I also edit in an empty file.

Wow, so I’m not alone. I guess I had noticed it a little bit in the past but now its really bad in 2022.

Not sure why editing a DC would do any reading of the contextual data anyway. It does not seem like the desired behavior.

Hopefully @colin can comment?

I think that I’m not allowed to tell you the priority that a given problem has, though I do sometimes see product managers posting in the forum to say that something is a high priority. I’m not expecting such a post for this one.