Are Dynamic Components Still Relevant?

Hi everybody

A quick question before I start studying. I am interested in learning about Dynamic Components (I want to try to automate my sliding door SketchUp models and hence their associated detail drawings) but I seem to remember reading somewhere on the forum that Dynamic Components have been superseded by something else, are no longer supported and therefore no longer relevant. Is that correct or did I imagine it?

I currently use mainly Pro 2022

Thanks in advance :+1:

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I think they are still highly relevant. Live Components, the newer system, require an Internet connection to work, some programming skills to create, and AFAIK have no features that can be used to create part lists, cut lists and attribute lists. I don’t think DCs are to be depreciated in any near future.


No, they are still completely relevant. LCs do not have the ability to report attributes, which for me makes them basically useless. If you are looking for the best DC tips and tutorials to study, @pcmoor is the resident expert. His posts are extremely helpful and educational, also check out his 3D warehouse page.


@Anssi & @rwamoore

Thank you both very much for your replies.

I look forward to learning all about DC’s and their capabilities :+1:

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Currently, they provide the only native way to explore data to classifications (eg. ifc2x3 etc.)


These dynamic components are amazing, but how come if you apply attributes to a component it doesn’t effect all instances of that component which I thought was the idea?

Can you give us an example of what you mean?

Huh, you mean like this:

Maybe someone with more knowledge than I can explain?


I just did a bit more experimenting. So it looks as though you can only add an attribute to a single component, but when you change that option it only affects that single component instance unless you select multiple components, in which case changing an option effects all selected components.

Hopefully that makes sense - I just imagined that anything changed on any component (i.e. a component option) would be reflected in all components by default.

Its early days but I am a fast learner :grinning:


I was just playing with it too. It seems if you make a copy of a DC it becomes an second instance of the first (they have the same name and stats say there are two in model), but as soon as you edit the properties of one, it automatically becomes unique without the user specifically asking it to (it has a new name and are are one of each in model).


Some info here.


FlexTools also includes such a function.


hello kevin
I did a 6.5 hour tutorial on dynamic components with several examples, it’s in French but the subtitles are rather well done

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Salut Jacques. Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse. La création de ces tutoriels est très impressionnante et je vais essayer de les suivre, mais je pense que ce sera très difficile avec la barrière de la langue. Il semble que l’on puisse faire énormément de choses avec des composants dynamiques, et j’ai l’intention de les étudier en détail pendant les vacances de Noël. Merci encore. Kevin