How have Dynamic Components changed in SketchUp?

This just occurred to me. I wondered what evidence might exist that the SketchUp team has done any work on improving Dynamic Components.

On first thought, I couldn’t recall any since I started using SketchUp (Pro 2015). So I went looking.

The first thing I found is the changelog/release notes:

While I didn’t read every word, I did user my browser’s ability to search within a page for “ynamic”. I did this multiple times, once while each “section” was expanded. I found nothing that showed any changes in the essential functions, only bug fixes and under the hood (changed rendering mode) stuff.

Then I remembered that Dynamic Components is implemented as an Extension! So I looked it up in the Extension Warehouse - hoping the detail page would have a change log. Didn’t find it.

So now I ask the community: Since it’s debut, can you recall any functional changes/enhancements in Dynamic Components?

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In short: No.

The release 1.x was with version 7
We now have version 1.5, so the same ‘Major’ version.
Only some changes for dealing with OS/Webdialoges, I guess…

What I had in mind when I asked this question was more along the lines of increasing the functionality of DCs in terms of what the creator can do with them, such as:

  • Are there any “standard” DC attributes now that weren’t there when DCs were first introduced?
  • Are there any functions that can be used in attribute formulas that weren’t there when DCs were first introduced?
  • Have there been any changes in how the DC Creator controls the appearance/layout of the Component Options window?