Dynamic Component bug save

We have more and more often bugs related to dynamic components since the update to Sketshup Pro 2023.
Now dynamic component registration bug and part of component options not registering. Is there a reason and a solution to the problem.


I am noticing more bugs too. I have a horrible feeling this is the way things are going to go now that Live Components are progressing so well. I really hope the two systems can survive alongside each other, and that DCs aren’t going to get quietly dropped. In my company, our whole SketchUp system is built on DCs - years and years of work. We can’t just re-create everything we’ve done as an LC. It’ll take years and years all over again. And because of the ways DC’s work, there will always be cases where a DC is a better solution than an LC. For example - you can click in an edit a subcomponent of a DC with native tools without breaking the function of the parent DC. It’s such a intuitive way for a SketchUp user to work. Please don’t let DC’s fall by the wayside!

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