Dynamic Component Redraw / selection bug in Sketchup version 2021

Anyone else having the following selection / redraw issues for dynamic components in version 2021?

  • Dynamic components are no longer automatically redrawing after a scale command.
  • Selecting a different component no longer updates the Component Options or Component Attributes pop up windows.

I have just tested this in 2020 and 2021 using the same 2020 dynamic components and the above issues do not occur in the 2020 version of sketchup.

Have I forgotten something here or is this a bug?

Can you show what you are seeing? I’m getting the redrawing with scaling and Component Options seems to show what I would expect when I change the selection.

When you installed SU2021, did you right click on the downloaded installer and select run as administrator?

I’m not getting that at all.
If I select a component and open the dialog box it will show and function (enter values etc) as expected.
If I select a different component the dialog box doesn’t change at all, it just stays on the original component until I close and reopen it.

And the redraw doesn’t work unless I tell it to from the right click menu.

Well at least I know its not a bug in 2021.
I’ll try a restart and a reinstall if its still not working.

Thanks as always.

If you didn’t use Run as administrator when you installed SU2021, you might as well do that anyhow and get it out of the way. It’ll make sure SketchUp is installed correctly.

Will do.

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Good luck.

Just wanted to also comment that I had the same issue @benoldays is describing.

I couldn’t manually scale a component and have it automatically redraw like @DaveR is doing in his gifs. The component would have to be redrawn manually by right-clicking through the menu (not exactly time-saving). The problem resolved itself after I closed out of SketchUp, opened a new file, and imported the “problem” component. I could manually scale and it would automatically redraw. It must just be an odd bug?

I knew something was wrong because I have used these example components before exactly as you’re showing, but after it didn’t work for my created dynamic component, it didn’t work for any created component. I almost thought there was a setting I accidently clicked for components not to be automatically redrawn on scale. This happened to me after I had imported a couple of DWGs, DXFs, etc. Perhaps that had something to do with it?