Dynamic Components super slow in 2017

Hello guys,

Need help.
I just started using 2017 and my DC are super slow.
I was using 2014 before and the DC changed were instant but now it takes forever and I also get the: its taking to long window pop up.
Anyone have the same problem or knows how to make the DC change faster.
Resizing takes very long time.
Thank you Much.

Make sure to update the DC extension to the latest version via the Extension Warehouse.
From within SketchUp: Window > Extension Warehouse

P.S. - Your Operating System is not shown in your forum profile. (It gives your CPU info instead.)

If you are running Windows 10, see recent threads on slow selection, caused by Windows Updates.

Thank you for the reply.

Its all up to date.
I even removed it and installed it again and still nothing,
I’m running Win 7 Pro.
Yesterday I did down grade to 2016 and DC work normal.
I wonder its it something with 2017 V

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