Dynamic Components (with many sub-components) slow to MOVE



Hey guys, I have a dynamic component (see .gif) with a 9x9 grid of components (in this configuration). Each "cell’ of the grid contains 7 components (1 bottle, 2 hardware, and 2 machining components in each piece of hardware for drilling holes). =567+ components.

When I move this component, why is there a “Working…” time? What is being processed, and is there a way around this?

Thought 1: It’s recalculating the global positions of each origin. This seems unnecessary. I removed the drilling components (324 components) and noticed a proportional improvement.
Thought 2: It’s the geometry (45,000 edges, 16,000 faces). I tried exploding this down to JUST geometry, made it a group, and the move was instant. I also changed each bottle and hardware to a basic box, to no effect.
Thought 3: Some Plug-Ins (V-Ray for SketchUp, for one) cause a slowdown in how ANY DC is processed (exponential based on complexity, I think. Processing takes at least a couple times longer). But trying this on a machine with no plugins had the same effect.

Thanks in advance.


Thought 4: Maybe it’s due to the graphics card not processing fast enough. Try it with Face Style set to Hidden Line.

Thought 5: Maybe it’s a combination of factors.


I think we can rule out geometry and graphics (see .gif)

It’s processing each sub-component each time there’s a change. I get that with regard to a change within the component, but why for a move?


Update: Another component I’m working on with even more going on does not have this issue (see .gif). SO the problem is somewhere in the programming. I’ll troubleshoot until I figure it out.


I think I’ve figured it out-

In an attempt to combine attributes and reduce my If/Then statements, I created an attribute (c_whi), a dropdown box with the following options:
10 Pins
21 Posts x1
22 Posts x2

I wanted the Name attribute to reflect the hardware
=“Panel:” & choose(left(c_whi,1),"Pegs ",mid(c_whi,2,1)&"X Posts ")

So it would look like this:
10: Panel Pegs
21: Panel 1X Posts
22: Panel 2X Posts

I gotta get back to work. If anyone figures out why this confounds SketchUp, please share. Otherwise, just don’t do it haha.


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