Sketchup 2016 has become very slow to load and save files

Recently my Sketchup 2016 has become very slow to load and save files. Files that used to take a few seconds to load now take several minutes. Same with saving. It can take up to 5 minutes to load a file. Doesn’t seem to matter which file it is, optimizing the file doesn’t make any difference (Statistics/purge unused) Everything else seems to work normally. Using 64 bit Windows 7.

Anybody have any ideas?

Sudden changes in software behavior are often due to other external changes made on your computer.

I think the first step in troubleshooting this should entail taking a close look at what recent changes might have taken place on your system. . . program installs, updates, new hardware, newly added extensions to SU, etc…

… step two varies depending upon what pops up on the recent changes check list.

Well, I won’t say I haven’t installed any software since Sketchup, but I don’t recall anything that coincided with the slowdown. Only thing I have installed in the last 3 months is a couple of games. Sketchup 2016 has been running fine for the last 2 years, other than pretty recently.

I can’t really see how another program could affect load and save in Sketchup anyway. Couldn’t really have an affect unless it was running and using a lot of CPU time or something, and I typically don’t have anything else running while using Sketchup.

Task Manager doesn’t show anything else hogging CPU time during a load/save on Sketchup.


I just did a little test. Sketchup 2016 has been loading a file for alsmost 20 minutes now, still not loaded. I’m pretty sure it will eventually load, it has before. CPU is holding steady at 25% on the sketchup app, no other programs using CPU time.

I tried loading the program in 2017, it loaded in about 10 seconds.

What the hell?


Just did another test. Uninstalled and reinstalled 2016. No change, file still takes forever to open.


Where are you storing your files? How big are they? Most often these problems crop up when people are storing multimegabyte files in cloud storage like Dropbox. In that case I would try taking a look at what is bogging down your network connection.

Are you comparing identical files? When a project reaches a certain size there seems to be a quite noticeble difference in performance. Have the file gotten larger since before the problem started?

Also,l do you have any extensions installed? Some extension can slow down SketchUp quite a bit.

Files are on my local hard drive.

Of course I have extensions installed. All of them were installed before the problems started and I have not added any new ones for quite some time.

Yes, the same file takes 1 or 2 minutes to load in 2017, up to an hour to load in 2016

Have you done any diagnostics on the drive?

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