Slow loading time with internet connection

Good day people,

I came across an unsual problem I never had over the last few years:
since a month or so SketchUp is opening really slow, takes up to a minute, it doesnt matter which file I try to open.
Now I had to work at home waiting for the internet guy because I had no Internet - and suddenly SketchUp opens as fast as usual - so I guessed it could be something with the extensions - so I uninstalled them all, but that didnt change anything. As soon as I’m connected to the internet, the loading time is about a minute.
It’s also weird, that the number of files dont matter - if I open 5 of them at the same moment, it takes a minute and then all open
So I guess SU is checking something in the backround while opening a file.

Also if sketchup is open, making a new file through the “file” tab in the topleft corner is instant - also opening files trough the file tab is instant - it’s just if I go to the folder with my various projects and try to open one of the already existing files.

Any ideas?

After uninstalling all extensions, did you exit and restart the SketchUp Pro desktop application? (Uninstalling the extensions was probably not necessary; simply disabling them via the built-in Extension Manager would probably suffice for the test.)

Might the latency be caused by the storage device or service where you are opening the files? I cannot tell from your initial post whether the test of working from home without internet was accessing the files from the same storage device or service as when opening the files under the condition that yields slow latency.

good morning,

yeah first I disabled them, but some fredo extension didnt let me disable them, they would be …abled(?) againg the next time I started SU.
After that I tried it with the uninstall - also I put the laptop off and on again between, to no avail.
And it doesnt matter where the file is stored. I tried it with files directly saved on my laptop and with files saved on our servers.
As soon as I disable the internet, and shut down the Laptop and boot it again, the long loading time is gone.


Interesting, I guess sketchup checks the license when it’s connected to internet and that makes the launching a bit longer, I haven’t tried it but I’ll do it.

Did this just start happening for you in the last week? I just came across an article indicating that a security patch for Windows evidently has some impact on WiFi performance. Maybe that’s what you’re running into.


no, it’s going on for a month or so - we moved with the company but I cant tell if it happened before or after the move - but thats why we thought it has something to do with the server but as mentioned, it’s slow even if I open a file installed local on the laptop itself.
But I will check the article, thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve encountered a similar issue myself. My powerful i9 processor has been struggling with Sketch 21 Pro recently, taking an excruciatingly long time to load—about 2 minutes with plugins. Interestingly, I noticed a drastic change when I disconnected from the internet; suddenly, it loaded in just 12 seconds. I went the extra mile, uninstalling everything and conducting a thorough cleanup, suspecting a rogue plugin, but alas, no improvement. Even the basic install took an eternity to load, including Layout.

It’s disheartening because SketchUp has always been synonymous with user-friendliness and speed, both of which are now in question. I’ve been a supporter of this software for over 20 years. Let’s work together to resolve this issue; it’s crucial to get this fixed.

SketchUp 2021 hasn’t changed recently so what has changed on your end? I haven’t seen any slow loading of SketchUp with an internet connection.

Nothing has changed, I have been using this install on this laptop for 6/7 Months & before that it was on a Dell XPS. & Sketchup works flawlessly but the last month or so the lag & load speeds have been awful, triple-clicking to select an object & bounding items is impossible, and selecting an item & deleting is a second delay or so, it all become a bit unwieldy. If its Windows or the laptop drivers I am willing to find out…any thoughts?

Just opened the same model, no reboot between & it took 4mins 38 seconds with the internet on & 15 second no internet for a 800kb model

also, once loaded why would triple-clicking be a problem…I am just opening Sketchup, very odd, now I can triple-click on an object & seems to be at normal speed, is this a cashe thing…I really don’t know, but if the workaround is to turn the internet off to use SketchUp… but that’s not going to be good long term I expect, but if anyone has any wisdom to throw at this.

Perhaps something could be learned by monitoring the network traffic while SketchUp Pro 2021 is starting and opening the model. I don’t know what sort of “phone home” network behavior is routinely done by SketchUp. A simple view via the Task Manager or equivalent might not reveal very much (assuming that there is not a huge amount of traffic). Using tools such as tcpdump and WireShark would reveal a lot more detail, with more effort.

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Yes I have seen the same problem using Sketchup 2017. It has started happening over the last month or two. Same issue on two different computers. Pulling the network cable out speeds up the opening of sketch up the usability of the program. When in slow mode it may take 30 seconds for a new tools selection to occur. Looking at the Ethernet load in Task Manage displays lots of traffic during slow Sketchup operations.

Weird, indeed! As @DaveR mentioned a while back, there must have been a change somewhere else as SketchUp 2017 have not been updated by us in over 6 years!

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Perhaps there are processes trying to ping web pages that aren’t accessible anymore due to the old, unsupported web browser used by SketchUp 2017 Make. Of course Windows stopped supporting IE more than a couple of months ago so maybe not.

I guess this is a hobby thing for you since you’re using SketchUp Make. Perhaps you can use these delays as a chance to slow down yourself.