Sketchup EXTREMELY slow to start up

I’m using SU 2021.1 Pro with a perpetual licence on Mac Mojave.

My internet connection has been down for over 24hr, and may not be fixed for another couple of days.

In the meantime Sketchup is taking many minutes to even begin to start, even after I restarted the machine last night because SU was running very slowly then.

And five minutes after trying to start SU today, I’m only getting a blank white startup screen.

Is it just hanging, waiting for some remote connection?

I can’t do any work using the program at the moment. But SU shouldn’t need an internet connection just to start up, should it?

Any suggestions to kick it into life?

Restart machine again?

Try using phone as mobile hotspot and connecting iMac via WiFi?

Posting via mobile data on my phone.

Maybe some extensions want to go online.
You could try If you temporaly rename the Plugins folder in ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp , then SketchUp will start without extension…
(The missing Plugin folder will be recreated and filled up with the “standard” extension like su_dynamiccomponents, su_sandbox… etc )

Thanks. That might indeed be the cause. I have several of Fredo’s extensions which I know want periodically to check for updates, and possibly others do too.

After I’d left the computer for a while to do something else, then came back and restarted SU, I found that THAT finally allowed SU to open normally to the startup screen.

Now it’s mostly still working with only occasional hesitation.

Good enough until I get my internet connection fixed, hopefully on Friday.

SInce I came to my summer cottage where the internet is quite slow, I too have been noticing sluggish launch of SketchUp - though not as slow as you report. Since the internet connection is the only difference vs when I am at home, I suspect that things are connecting to various sites as SketchUp opens, at it hangs waiting for replies. If I get a chance, I’ll try running a connection monitor while launching SketchUp to see where all it connects.

Tx Steve.

The welcome screen sometimes shows a promotional screen, and that would need an Internet connection.

What happens if you open a document, instead of open SketchUp?

2 extension that i notice make sketchup start very slow :

1001 bit tool
vray for sketchup

my workaround to disable extension is turn off the extension from extension manager; and only turn it on only if i need those extension. i think way safer than renaming plugin folder


Sure, I agree, it is safer.
But if you can not start SU you do not have a chance to use Extension Manager… :wink:

Good point ahahahah :sweat_smile: