Sketchup update very slow?

I updated Sketchup 23 to version 23.1.340 recently. Now my sketchup models are taking 3-5 mins to open… Once they are open, everything is slow for around 30 mins, to the point where I can’t triple click raw geometry. After 30 mins it goes back to normal and everything is fine.

My colleague is also experiencing this. Has anyone else? Is there a solution?

I haven’t experience this with 2023. Maybe some extensions that you have?

When you installed SketchUp 2023 did you do so corretly? That requires rihght clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator.

Are you working on a network? Maybe there’s a firewall issue?

We do have some extensions, although everything was working fine prior to updating. I should mention that SU2023 was installed earlier and everything was working fine. It wasn’t until the update on OCT 10, 23 that we started experiencing these issues.

What do you mean by working on a network?

We use Onedrive to save all of our model/project files to, although this has never posed an issue before

Like a corporate network or a school’s network. Something with a firewall.

Although you may not have had any problems with it, working on files directly in cloud has been shown to be quite risky. There are numerous threads here on the forum in which users report have files corrupted beyond repair due to saves to the cloud gone bad. And connecting to the cloud will always be slower than working on locally saved files.

Typically our files are downloaded from Onedrive before opening and synced back once saved.

Even opening a new SU file locally will have the same issue

That good. So One Drive shouldn’t come into the equation. So I wonder what is going on for half an hour or so on both of your computers that might cause this sluggishness.

As a test you might download your model file to your computer and then disconnect the computer from the Internet. Open the file and see if you have the same issue.

Another thing you might do is open the task manager and see what processes are running and how much they are asking of the CPU.

Figured it out!

Company installed TrendMicro onto our computers. Completely forgot about it. Makes a huge difference as soon as it is disabled.

Thanks Dave!

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Thanks for letting me know. I’m glad you got it sorted out.