Download Components Problem

Hello, I’m using Sketchup 2014, I have problem when i want to download some Component in 3Dwarehouse,
Few days ago, i can be able to download 2014 component Version in 3dwarehouse, and there is an option “for 2014 Model”
But now, I can’t download any component because option available is more than 2017 version.
Help me.

Can you provide a link to a specific model?
Was the model uploaded in a 2014 version (you can guess that from the uploaded date)?

See also this change, and the subsequent discussion:

and this change back:

Possibly the file was uploaded in a newer version (maybe 2017), and previously the 2014 file was created by the converter gnomes on the server. While the original uploaded file is preserved with the most recent change, the gnomes now forgot all except to forge the 3 most recent file formats (currently 2019, 2018, 2017).

If you can download the model as Collada, that should import into SketchUp 2014.

Thankyou very much, That’s Helpful :wink:

Thankyou very much, it’s worked :blush: