3D Warehouse Downloads for 2016 models

I have saved them and uploaded them to the 3D warehouse but it still pops down 2017 models and up. No I’m a high school student and I wanted to become a architect and I used to use sketchup but I moved to this software.But I hope its just me because I have alot of different models and things I want to explorer and use.

I see that the model you referenced is limited in the number of versions available.I’m not sure why that is unless it’s something related to models created in Sketchup Free. I can find lot of other models uploaded to the Warehouse in the same time period that are available in versions back to SU2014.

Since you seem to be using SU2017 you could download soething like that model, save it as a 2016 file and then import it into your Punch software.

For me its all recent models that have a limited versions available but could you contact someone at the team of 3D warehouse and let them know about the situation.Thanks :grin: and how would I save it as a 2016 file if the option isn’t there ?

I don’t have any better way to contact them than you do and you’ve already posted on this.

Just use File>Save as… and change the version to 2016.

can you screen record you doing it because I’m kinda confused

Doing what? Saving as a 2016 SketchUp file? That should require a video.

Go to the File menu in Sketchup. Click on Save as… Set the Save as type to SketchUp 2016.

We traditionally support 3 versions of SketchUp, and that’s how the Renderbots are set now. We have done more at times for various reasons. And as Dave mentions, you can always convert them yourself. I just uploaded a 2016 though, so if someone has 2016, they can still upload today, which means that those models were not uploaded as a 2016 model.

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Is the save feature available on the sketchup studio for students

Studio is the version with the most features of all, so yes!

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Having a similar problem! Though many of 3D Warehouse’s models clearly have not been updated since 2016, I can’t even access many of those and am getting messages saying that I need to upgrade to a newer version (I use 2016 Pro license). This smacks of new code being written into access routines that is doing a great disservice to the SketchUp Community. Hope I am wrong and there is a fix. Is there?

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No, we generally only support 3 version of SketchUp. 2016 also uses older versions of native browsers, and unfortunately in the world we live in, it’s no longer acceptable or secure to run older sw that hasn’t been updated in sw we don’t control.


Put back the pro 2016 format, please… I use pro 2016.
I thought I was sharing my few models and this way I also could hold of them whenever I need them, no matter where I am at. Nope… !!!
BACK with at least 2016 download feature - PLEASE

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I sat down and wrote myself a ‘Blues Song!’ It starts “I woke-up this morning and Sketchup was gone!” I hadn’t planned on having to replace Hardware as well as Software. It looks as though my plans to migrate to another 3D Platform will have to be implemented sooner. Thanks Sketchup - That was ‘Awesome Sorcery!’

This is one solution.

The others are e.g.:


Thanks for the advice Dezmo, but this will only put off the inevitable, for another few months, or so. I have loved Sketchup since the very early days. It is by no means perfect, yet has ‘Enabled’ people to explore an interest, and hopefully get involved (Note that I use the Past Tense).

Oh yes. I like Norton Commander from the old DOS times, why the hell they are not maintaining it anymore…? (Note that I use the Ironic Tense). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I dare to speculate that the skp 2017 format could stay around a bit longer since there are no newer versions of SketchUp Make and Make is still recommended for makers (unless they make it unavailable already).

That is true for all softwares. Developers have a legitimate interest to use the newest development tools and users equally should have an interest in going with the latest software (unless it costs money, is not compatible with their system of they prefer older features/UI).

The difference is that classic offline software would still work in the same environment after the support end.

But software with integrated web services breaks if the web services are changed but the (old) software not. Again, it seems legitimate that SketchUp applies the same support period to 3D Warehouse (APIs etc.) as for the desktop client. But here, the APIs probably did not change, just the file format. If 3D Warehouse was a light bulb, people would think of planned obsolescence.

Even worse, Helle (above) uploaded his/her own files and cannot use them anymore (easily). True, 3D Warehouse is not Dropbox where what you put there can be retrieved without changes. But “hey, we have encoded your files in another file format”, how is this different from the method of crypto trojans?

Is it wise to alienate previous (Pro!) customers by breaking their workflow? Are they less valuable because they did not upgrade to SU2017 Pro (or newer)? How should that be an incentive to upgrade to 2019?

Other companies use file format (in)compatibility to defend their market share against competition, not against their own software. If Trimble management does not prioritize the file format question, they risk cannibalizing their own customer base.

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I believe that the damage has already been done!

To update this, we have enabled original upload binary, so if you uploaded a 2016 version, you’ll see a 2016 version there. As others have duly noted, there’s Eneroth’s extension as well. And Bob, I’m trying really hard not to post Dr. Ernie Prabhakar’s version of American Pie that he wrote for NeXT about some tech decision we made that he didn’t like. He later came to work for us and last I checked is still working for Apple 20+ years later. No one’s happy about every decision we make, we just do the best we can.