Dotted lines in X-ray view

I need to create animations that look like what I see in X-ray view, and all is working well, but there is one problem.

When I create a shape that is partially hidden within another shape, it shows a hole, but I need dotted lines showing the whole shape. Is there a way to make this happen?

I haven’t bought Sketchup Pro because of this one problem. Is there a way do to it?

Can you upload an image showing what is going on in your current model?

You could try turning on Back Edges view (standard shortcut letter k toggles this on or off).

Or from the menu View/Edges/Back edges.

I have the Back Edges view on, but still there are lines missing from my hole. Here is a simple example:

Profile edges are dor some reason not shown as back edges. I think @DaveR invented a workaround using a Face Me component.

Is this what you are trying to achieve?

Looking at your original image, I don’t see any evidence that the ‘hole’ was a full cylinder.

It looks as if the revised image should be what you want, from @ad_1011.

He or she doesn’t explain how they got it - might be a Style change, might have redrawn the cylindrical hole to get the missing edges and faces.

To get a clearer diagnosis, can you upload the SKP file itself instead of just the image?

Just did a bit of experiment in SU2018 on Windows 10.

Neither profiles on nor profiles off show the sides of the cylinder with Back Edges on.

You can only see them (but not as Back Edges, just as hidden ones showing through the hole opening), with View Hidden geometry, or in X-ray view.

Neither of these are what you want.

Seems like a rendering bug to me.

Here is the original file. It is a cylinder through a cube. Is there some kind of workaround? I have a freelance job that depends on having these dotted lines show.Sample with cylinder.skp (28.1 KB)

How are you using or presenting the images you will create from the model?

I am creating an animation

Would something like this do?

It’s basically Back Edges, combined with Hidden Geometry.

I think it might.

Are you making the animation directly from SketchUp?

Yes, but then exporting to Photoshop to make an animated GIF

So you could combine images in Photoshop before creating the GIF?

Yes. That’s why I have been doing

Would you prefer to continue that way? If you’ve got multiple scenes, you could export them as images in the Animation export. Create one export with the back edges/hidden geometry not displayed and then change the style to Wireframe with hidden geometry visible and run a second export. Then you can combine the pairs of images in PS. This could give you better control over the appearance of the edges and the dashed/dotted lines.

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I could try it, but I would prefer if there was a way to export with just all of the edges as you showed me in your example. Do you think that might be possible? I am being paid by the item. It sounds like it might take quite a bit of time in Photoshop to do it that way.

Yes, it should be possible doing something like @VahePaulman showed but you won’t have as much control of the image. It may not be a problem, though.

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How can I do something like that?