Dotted lines in X-ray view



Something like Vahe showed? He turned on both Back Edges and Hidden Geometry. In your case you would do that and make sure the style is updated for all the scenes.


Okay I’ll give it a try. Thanks!


Look in the top and bottom of the hole and you’ll see the shading of the cylindrical surface. The hole does contain a cylindrical surface.


A workaround to get profiles in back edges is to place a 2D Face Me component containing two edges inside the hole.

The distance between the edges has to be the same as the diameter of the hole. The component’s origin must be between the two edges (on the centerline of the hole), the red axis must be perpendicular to the edges and in their plane, and the blue axis must be along the center line of the hole.

I know it’s a bit complicated but it’s the only workaround I know of. The good part is that you also learn about Face Me components and component axes if doing this.



One simple option is to Unsoften the specific edges on the cylinder wall that you want to show.


Will this work if I have to animate it?


That depends on how you animate it.
Here you can see the hard edge when you look into the hole.


Thanks for all your help!


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