Orthographic View: Hidden Line

Hi everyone,

I am a beginnner (Sketchup Pro 2021) trying to make an animation about Orthographic Views

the bottom is the RIGHT view

how to make the middle line as a dotted line (hidden line) when view from the RIGHT

can anyone please guide me how to do that?


If you set the face style to something so faces are displayed and you have faces in addition to the edges, you can turn on Back Edges in the style and hidden lines will show as dashed.

the ‘Back Edges’ box is grey sir

Because you have the Face Style set to Wireframe. As I wrote previously:

Go to the next tab under Edit and set the Face Style to Something with faces. One of these in the red box.
Screenshot - 8_17_2021 , 8_28_41 PM


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thankssssssss a lot sir

Another solution with the style toolbar