Non-hidden lines appear as dashed lines in animation

hi, can someone please help me

you can see what I mean at isometric view

Looks like you have back edges turned on. Turn them off by pressing K.

that is my drawing

i think it is not working by just pressing K. I do need the lines at the back as dashed, not the front.

the problem appears after the file converted to video.

during the preview in Sketchup everything is fine

Share the SketchUp file.

From what I can see in your screenshot the back edges are being dashed or dotted lines.

In that view you really have nothing to indicate whether the view is looking downward or upward so it’s a confusing thing to look at.

Learn SketchUp 21.8.2021.skp (297.7 KB)


Your style shows that you have Back Edges turned on (and you haven’t updated changes to the style) and in the scene you have active in your screen shot, the view is from above the model. You can see that if you turn on the model axes.

Your animation reflects the way you have the style for the scenes set up in the model.

i am sorry sir. i still don’t get it

that is what i get after I press K for each scene

K turns off the back edges. Your thread title implied that you don’t want to see the dashed lines. the only edges that are displaying as dashed are the back edges, not the “non-hidden” edges. the non-hidden edges are displayed as solid lines.

The problem is you have given the faces a nealry transparent color and you have no frame of reference so as I indicated before, you have potentially ambiguous views. It’s not easy to tell the orientation. Maybe instead of using back edges you’d be better off with Depth Cue. Something like this.

Or maybe you need to add something else in the views that heple remove the ambiguity.
Here is the same scene as before but I removed that bright nearly transparent material and added a cylinder and shadows.

What is it you really are trying to show?

:point_up_2: yes, this is exactly what i want

i want to make animations about orthographic views

are you saying that i cant use transparent faces?

I didn’t say you can’t use transparent faces. I’m saying that you need to do something that removes the confusion about the views you are showing. It confused you even though you set up the scenes and the animation. It’s fair to say it’ll confuse others. The transparent faces are contributing to that.

Maybe your odd numbered scenes should have the camera set to Perspective. If your audience is not used to looking at ortho views, start them out with a perspective view.

Here I’ve changed the odd numbered scenes to perspective and used the same camera position for them.

As for lineweights from your other question, the controls for lineweights in SketchUp are limited. There are Profile edges and you can use Depth Cue. Both are set in the Edges section under Edit in the Styles panel.

Who is your audience and exactly what are you trying to teach them about orth views?

thanks a lot sir

my audience is school students

Maybe it would make sense to use a shape that has more features and a clearly defined front. something like this.

Or maybe you don’t need an animation at all. I did this image to teach some students how to think about developing 3rd Angle Projection 3-view drawings.

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this beyond my student’s syllabus sir

thanks anyway :+1: :+1: :+1:

Do your students have to use the shape you’ve modeled? It wouldn’t have to be as complex as the bracket I show here. I only used it for the animation because I already had the model and the still images. My point is if the 3D shape is such that there’s no confusion as to the view direction you won’t have the problem you started here with.