How to make "Back Edges" invisible?


I try to help my mother with learning SketchUp. She is doing quite well with drawing, but I do not know how to fix one problem with Edges Style.

As you see, back edges option is disabled. Despite that - back edges are still visible. I tried all options in Window -> Styles menu, and I have no idea, how to achieve view looking like the one visible there - ( I mean the first one under “Good to know”)

I would be very thankful for any help!

You might have X-ray mode on in View->Face Styles->X-ray but it doesn’t really look like the style of X-ray mode. Are you sure there really are faces on the top of those cuboids?

Can you upload the .skp file?

Under the Face Style sub-menu, is X-Ray enabled? If not, then perhaps you could upload (using the 7th icon from the left, an up-pointing arrow) a sample model and other folks would be able to check it and identify what is causing all edges to be drawn in the viewport.

Untitled.skp (125.3 KB)

X-ray option is disabled.

I’d say it’s a graphics card issue, then. Go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and turn off Hardware Acceleration. See if that’s changes anything. When I open the file on my computer I see this:

Does it change when turning off Shadows? They are turned on in your screen shot.

I see the same as @DaveR here, so yes it’s a graphics card issue.

It was it!

Thank you all for help!

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What was it?

I mean, turning off hadware acceleration helped. Back edges disappeared.

OK. You can mark my post as the solution so others will know it’s solved.

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