'Back Edges' always on in SketchUp for Web


Even though I switch off the ‘Back Edges’ setting in menu, I go on seeing back edges in my drawing. ‘K’ shortcut doesn’t work neither.
Is it a way to stop to see through my model ?

Thanks for your help

You might have X-ray switched on.

I check, but x-ray is off. It really looks like back edges is on…

No, that is a transparency issue, like X-ray, back edges would be showing as dotted lines.

back edges is supposed to be off.

ok thanks. Where can I fix this ?

Is x-ray something else in French?
Try this and see if it does anything, or the equivalent in French.

How far from the origin is your model located? Or is it some other object/geometry located far away?

I tried the x-ray (radiographie in french) wich gives me a lil different effect, but it’s not that

really close…

Could be a graphic card issue, try updating your Graphic Card Driver.

It would help if you downloaded and attached your model for us to look at.

toit 1.skp (243.2 KB)
toit 1.stl (159.7 KB)

here is my model.
i try to update my graphic card (could be that, cause i just reallized i didn’t have the issue with an other computer…)

I’m not seeing any issues like you show when I open your model. To me that does imply a graphics driver issue. This is what I see when I open your model.

Your screen shots don’t show Back Edges. That would look like this:

Without materials displayed it is evident you have some reversed faces to fix. There should be no visible blue back faces.

ok i will try to update my driver

Your browser type and version might also be the issue. People usually say they get best results with Chrome. Are you really still based on Windows 7?

I must say Im a lil bit old school, I still use windows 7, have a ATI FireGL V3350 and use firefox…
I will try to do it with chrome.

Btw, I cannot find a more recent driver for my videocard, windows’ device manager says it’s up-to-date…

I expect that’s your problem.

That happens with old hardware. The problem is, browsers and other software keep moving ahead and don’t work so well with that old stuff.

I would try checking at the AMD website. I don’t trust the Windows device manager with display drivers. Best to look directly from the manufacturer.

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