Domain Registration Requests

See this thread. It may help you before Tori wakes up.

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Thank you @DaveR.

@kathy.wright were you able to regain access?

Hello have you had any luck logging in?
We are currently having the same issue, nor our students or Teachers (G-Suite users) can access SketchUp for School.

My IT people had to enable some settings to allow it to work.

Follow these guidelines and it should work for you.

Would we also be able to be whitelisted.
Our domain is

Can you please add us to be whitelisted.



My apologies for the typo

@msantos & @david_walley

Your domains have been added to our registry.

In order to sign in your G Suite Super Admin will need to re-accept the app privileges and perform a domain install from the SketchUp for Schools listing on the Google Marketplace Page.

The following instructions pinned to the top of this forum thread will walk you through the process: G Suite Login Changes

We are a public school in Danvers, Massachusetts but do not use a .edu domain.

Can you please add to the whitelist so that our students can access this program.

Thank you,

Dear, we are a secondary school in Brussels and for a STEM-project we want to try SketchUp for Schools. We work with the app installed on our chromebooks. We have a G-suite account, however we can’t sign in. Our emails end with
Is it possible to help us?

Thank for your sketchup service for schools.
namsan middle school has google g-suit for education account.(
but sketchup for schools(web) does not work in our account.(
Can you check what’s missing…

Hi Steve,

We want to continue to use this as a part of our middle school STEM program and we have a g suite account w/ classroom etc. but do not have a .edu account for teachers or students (.org).

Can you add to the white list so we can access these tutorials.

Thank you

Hi, can you whitelist I’m getting an error and still can’t use

@bnatoli1 Your domain was previously added to our registry. Please see the following forum thread with instructions on how to re-accept app permissions for SketchUp for Schools: SketchUp for Schools Login Changes for G Suite Users


Your domains have been added to our registry. If you are still unable to sign in please see the thread linked above.

Can someone add the domain to the whitelist?


Thank you, please add (teachers). I believe you already added (students)

Thank you for your help. It works very well.
SketchUp for Schools is good for our student design class.


Would you please whitelist (staff) and (students).

Thank you!

-Jeff Roepel
Information Technology Director
Palisades Charter High School


Kindly whitelist our domains - and

Thank you.
DoE - NTSchools

Hi, can you whitelist our domain?