Dimension and scale issues 2022

So you set the scale to 1/8th ( imperial scales are alien to me :scream: ) in Layout and you print out paper plans or export to PDF and… in the field the operatives find that the scale on the PDF / paper is not correct?

yes, in the video you will see that the first attempt i make to set the scale to 1/8th doesn’t change the viewport. The second attempt, changes the viewport to 1/4. Then the third attempt changes the scale to 1/8 correctly.

Are you actually saying that when you print to paper that the required scale has seemingly been set for the viewport, say 1/8, and that in the field a scale rule shows incorrect dimensions?

Yes, that’s what’s happening

I haven’t printed to paper for some time now.

Are you sure that the printer is not scaling the printout?

The printer is correct. Just watch the video again and you will see the first attempt at trying to scale reults in nothing happening in the viewport. If you didn’t know this issue was happening this would lead you to believe that the viewport was set at 1/8 scale. Which it is not

Are you sure that you don’t have a “fit on paper” setting turned on? Even when the page sizes in your PDF and printer are the same, it reduces the PDF page, including its margins, to fit within the printable margins of your printer.

What about if you check some dimensions with the dimension tool to see if the viewports are at the correct scale…?

yes, we’ve checked for that. You can see the issue happening in the video in this thread. The scale does not change when 1/8th is selected.

The issue is that the viewport does not change when the correct scale is clicked on. We currently double check all viewports now but there is still the issue that layout does not change the scale on the first change.

The viewport not changing when the correct scale is selected is not my experience…

Oh man, thank you so much for your help! I’ll keep looking for a solution

Verify your scene hasn’t changed. If it is not a top view and just slightly off, this can happen.

We have identified an issue on mac, where the drop down list of scales is missing the Current Scale value. This means that when you select a scale that would come after it in the list (e.g. if your current scale is 1:71.9069 and you select 1:96), the actual scale that is attempted to be set is wrong. This should be fixed in the next LayOut release.

In the mean time, a work around is to select a scale earlier in the list, then select your desired scale.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Thanks @adam for explaining. @KeeneArchitecture I have absolutely had this happen, where the chosen scale does not update the viewport, it changes to something else. My solution has been to choose some other random scale and the choose the original again. Now I know why this works as I was unknowingly choosing something further away in the list. At least you’re not crazy.

@adam Thank you! I’m so happy there is going to be a fix for this!

I thought I was going nuts! :slight_smile:

Why not just type the scale instead of using the dropdown?

Hi @Adam, Has this been resolved? I purchased Sketchup Pro in November, I’m running 22.0.353 on Mac and constantly have viewport scale issues. Even when I type the scale I want, if I click into the viewport it will resize. It’s so frustrating!


If indeed the issue described in the above posts is what you are experiencing, it may be addressed in the next release of SketchUp. There is no exact date available. The staff will not give info on the details.