Dimension and scale issues 2022

Hello everybody!

I’ve been noticing since the new update that my drawings dimensions will find new points to reference.

The firm has also been experiencing problems with using scales on viewports. They will say that they are on a scale that is not accurate. Often this issue is never caught until its in the field and even so the viewports still say they are on the scale we are trying for.

This has been a source of major issues when the building goes to the construction phase and we are questioning the reliability of layout.

Is anyone experiencing the same issues?

My documentation - not that I’m aware of.

Is there a file that you can share that has the problem?

Otherwise there’s not much to go on right this moment…

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This happens with almost every recent layout file after 2022 update on 3 different computers.
In the beginning we didn’t know this was happening and would select 1/8th scale and move on with our day. Eventually someone tried to throw a scale on a drawing in the field and it was all off.

It looks like the leaders aren’t all attached to the model. It would be helpful to see the LO file.

This file is schematic in nature so notes are not attached to the viewports, they were just quick little notations. I’m just showing an example of what happens in house when scaling viewports on all three workstations in nearly every layout file we have.

Here is a link to the layout

I’m not sure I understand what your issue is - you initially referred to dimensioning but the video and file don’t have any dimensions.

I don’t understand why there is the weird 1:71.9096 scale.

Dave might understand better what your issue is…?

If the leaders aren’t attached to the model they won’t and shouldn’t track with the model as the scale is changed.

I didn’t address the dimension issue yet as its harder for me to reproduce but this scaling issue is one of the more troublesome aspects. When you bring in a viewport initially it sets it at an arbitrary scale because its based on the viewport size until you select preserve scale on resize.

Sorry I think I’m confusing the matter and not communicating clearly. What I’m showing is the viewport scale issue I’m having which is separate from the dimension issue I’m ALSO having

I have not addressed the dimension issue i’m having yet. I was showing the scale issue

So you set the scale to 1/8th ( imperial scales are alien to me :scream: ) in Layout and you print out paper plans or export to PDF and… in the field the operatives find that the scale on the PDF / paper is not correct?

yes, in the video you will see that the first attempt i make to set the scale to 1/8th doesn’t change the viewport. The second attempt, changes the viewport to 1/4. Then the third attempt changes the scale to 1/8 correctly.

Are you actually saying that when you print to paper that the required scale has seemingly been set for the viewport, say 1/8, and that in the field a scale rule shows incorrect dimensions?

Yes, that’s what’s happening

I haven’t printed to paper for some time now.

Are you sure that the printer is not scaling the printout?

The printer is correct. Just watch the video again and you will see the first attempt at trying to scale reults in nothing happening in the viewport. If you didn’t know this issue was happening this would lead you to believe that the viewport was set at 1/8 scale. Which it is not

Are you sure that you don’t have a “fit on paper” setting turned on? Even when the page sizes in your PDF and printer are the same, it reduces the PDF page, including its margins, to fit within the printable margins of your printer.

What about if you check some dimensions with the dimension tool to see if the viewports are at the correct scale…?

yes, we’ve checked for that. You can see the issue happening in the video in this thread. The scale does not change when 1/8th is selected.