Layout scale problem

So here it is both my view port are scale 1/2= 1’ but they are way off to each other? Ive try setting different scale then going back to my desired scale but it wont work

Picture below–(not sure if it import cause its only displaying an adress)

Share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got set up and help you fix it.

The file is too heavy even when zip im unable to import it here. any recommandation?

You need to grant public access to the file on google drive, can’t download.

Are you saying the distances are unequal between the upper and lower images? They look the same to me. The viewports are showing different views, but in the same scale.

But if they are the same scale they should align perfectly on vertical axes in my head?

Need to see your file, but the bottom one appears to be missing some geometry in the middle. The corresponding distances in the two are the same. Are you sure these are the same file? What are the two standard views? Need to see the Layout file.

got it , looking now.

I won’t be able to open the file. I’m waiting for a few of the kinks to get ironed out of SU23 before updating. My Layout 22 won’t open this file. Someone else will have to help you. Clearly there are differences in the two views we are looking at. Are these both parallel projection and standard views? Your dimensions look like they are added in SketchUp not in Layout.

I just verified and yes they are both parallele projection. And i guess yes for the standard views. this is my second time using layout.

Thanks for the help. Ive watched some of the stuff on your website really awesome.

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Thank you. I’m away from the computer now but I’ll check in again later, if nobody else shows up to look at the layout file I’ll grab a copy of 23 and look at it. We will get to the bottom of it one way or another. :+1:

Open the SketchUp model window in layout. There you can see the scene or standard view associated and if it’s in Ortho or not.

Ok, I’m back. The two viewports in your layout file are referencing different areas of your geometry. The bottom is a plan view of the main area, the upper is an elevation of a disconnected wall that you have sitting over to the side of the model. This isolated area of wall has some of the same geometry as the wall adjacent to the plan view but it is much longer and has extra geometry that continues beyond the plan view. Not sure what your intensions here are, if you start from the right and work going left you can see that the dimensions do correspond up until the point where the wall continues beyond the plan view. If you intend to reference the disconnected piece of wall then move the entire upper viewport over to the left in Layout until the dimensions line up and then resize the edges of the viewport to match the plan view below it, as I have done below. OR… you can create a scene that references the actual wall geometry that corresponds to that plan view.

Funny, from the earlier screen shots I had guesses that this was a skatepark, and it is! Cool project.

De plus, vous travaillez clairement en français, mais vos dimensions sont en pieds et en pouces ? Êtes-vous à Montréal?


Omg Thank you so much sometime all it need its another point of view. Yes im in Montreal and im French Canadian. Ive build skatepark in a few different countries but the covid changed everything and now starting my own business here. Are you from around Utah ive worked on the WoodWard in Parkcity in 2019.

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