Layout 2017 Scaling Bug

Is anyone having an issue in the new Layout 2017. When using a new viewport, often double clicking and scrolling in on a viewport shows a very inaccurate scale.

Then by ticking Preserve scale on Resize. The viewport Jumps to another point of the drawing. It’s maddening!

This is not a bug. You are causing the problem by opening the viewport and adjusting the camera zoom. This breaks the link to the original scene in SketchUp. If you want to set the scale for the viewport, first make sure you’ve set up the scene in SketchUp with the standard view and the camera set to Parallel Projection. then, in LayOut, do not double click on the viewport. Select the scene, set the scale and then drag the edges of the viewport to resize it to suit.

Fair enough it’s never been as smooth as butter, however it is now far more erratic since upgrading to 2017, plus the visual scaling was always accurate. I can see this really slowing down productivity.

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If you are doing it correctly it isn’t erratic or slow.