Delays in program file when navigating

When either deleting items in the model, navigating around or saving, etc, the program receives a “Not Responding” which leads to crashing or freezing. Then had to force shut down to be able to exit after several hours. The problem occurs on a different computer, so a computer problem can be disregarded. I can upload a file from the Sketchup model for checking the issue

Upload your file, let’s have a look.

thanks, I just tried to upload the Sketchup File and the message center said 16 MG is the maximum.
The file contains 61, 007 KB currently. And the model info says it has 3K faces" and 37K “Edges”
Can the file be sent another way if its over 16 MG ?

I uploaded the current specifications of the laptop I’m using which has Sketchup installed. But seems the power should be more than adequate. It also has a 3D graphics card.

You could use Google Drive, or DropBox, or

I currently have an account with Google drive and save folders and documents in Google drive all the time. But I’m not sure how to transfer the sketchup file in Google drive as I’ve never done transfers from the drive. Would email work? I have a microsoft email account and Gmail email account. What address can I use in Google drive to send the file to Sketchup forum ?

You need to put the file somewhere that we can download it from. A free Dropbox account would work just as well if Drive is causing you problems.

In a browser window looking at your drive contents, you should be able to right-click on any file and choose Get link, to get a link to the file. Make sure to choose the option where anyone with the link can download the file.

I was able to use Dropbox, I’m still working on the transfer.


Sketchup : Fixtures and windows, doors file

Your file spans some 5 miles. I suspect the graphics system is not up to the task. Going to the Intel site and getting the latest drivers may help some. Integrated graphics are not recommended for SketchUp. There is also some incorrect tag usage.

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I also uploaded info on my computer power specs. It an Asus uses a CPU 3.3 GHZ, and RAM, etc. Are all these enough to run Sketchup ? I was told to use a 3D Gpu at a minimum, and according to the Specs directly from Sketchup said these should be more than enough. I did already update the GPU dirctly from Nvydia site. Are all computers installed with integrated graphics? And the 3D graphics card is just a recommended for gaming and Architect software?

In general you get petter performance from a discrete or separate graphics card, rather than an integrated one. But that does not mean you computer can’t run SketchUp, it will probably run it just fine. However this particular file is 4+ million edges and more importantly 5 miles wide. SketchUp is generally better with objects under half a mile to about 1 mile, after that the camera management can suffer. You can split this file into several smaller files and/or try to arrange your geometry all closer to the origin to improve performance.

Yes, I have been using a separate Graphics card. When first using Sketchup I didn’t know running Sketchup without one would put too much load on the system. So every laptop I have installed with Sketchup is certainly installed with a seperate dedicated GPU. However, according to the model info in the file transfer it showed 39k edges and over 4k faces, and component definitions were about 900. it was mentioned in your last reply my file had over a million edges. I did notice the model objects spanned about 5 miles though. I’m just missing the part about the 4 million edges because the model info shows only 39, 000 edges. thanks for the info !!

Tick the box.

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In model statistics, check the box for nested components.


Tick the box for “show nested components” and you will see…

Thanks much, sorry that does make a difference with nested components unchecked.
Appreciated !!

Yes, thanks its clearer
Much appreciated !!
Kind Regards Jeff

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