Sketch up 2022 too slow. I can't even move a scene without it freezing for about 20-30min +.Using windows pc

Sketch up 2022 is too slow. I cant even move a scene without it freezing for about 20-30min +.Using windows pc

What are the specs of your pc? Can you share the file that is causing sketchup to freeze or is it happening with any file?

There’s definitely a major issue there. For a long time I modeled and rendered my project on a 1.8GHz Celeron mobile laptop with 4GB memory and shared integrated Intel graphics; however I never endured freezes like that in SUP 2022, even when my shambles of a model exceeded 60-100MB. The PC would take ages to do stuff – cleanup3, renders, etc. – but not freeze except before a bugsplat.

Either your model is colossal or you have underlying hardware and/or OS issues.

The specs are as below;

Windows 10pro

Professor: Intel(R) Core™ 13-5005U CPU @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz

installed memory (RAM): 4.00 GB

System type: 64-bit Operating System, ×64-based processor

Windows pro10

The file is

How large is the file? You put in your profile that you are using the SketchUp “Free Plan” which indicates you are using the web-based version. Which internet browser are you using?

Share your SketchUp file so we can see what you are working with.

I am not using a web version though. I installed the program on my Local disk D:/ The file is 16mb. Now its literally failing to open. I am unable to attach it.

Then you must be using SketchUp Pro. Please put the right information in your forum profile. That information helps us help you if it is correct. Otherwise it just makes it more difficult. Please also put Winodw in for the operating system and add the graphics card.

Normally on Windows SketchUp should be installed on the C:/ drive with the operating system and other applications.

Upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link.

16 MB is not large. But drive D:? Are you opening it from an optical disk or a USB stick, maybe? Because that may explain a few things.

93MB sorry*. The file has been transferred via WeTransfer now. At the time drive C was full so iIsaved it on Local disk D but it has been working perfectly for the past weeks well before today. Could it be cz the model is big in size>?

Most definitely.

Great! Now share the link so we can look at the file.

If you had to install SketchUp on the D drive because the C drive was full, you either need to clean up the C drive to make space or you need a larger C drive.

Again, please fix your forum profile.

Please see link above for the file.

I suspect you are exceeding the physical RAM (4gb is really not much after the OS takes its 2gb) and causing the OS to “thrash” by constantly swapping to and from the disc. That will produce a massive slowdown. Does the issue also happen with a simpler model?

forum Profile has been fixed too.

As far as I remember with 2017 version it wasn’t slow nor did it freeze? But what explains it having been running smoothly before today and yet in Local Disk D:/??

Well, your model has a few issues.

Incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 8_15_2023 , 12_20_17 PM
A load of unused stuff. No need to be hoarding that.
Screenshot - 8_15_2023 , 12_21_11 PM
Some very huge texture images. That first one is obscenely large and by itself could cause your graphics card to have problems.

That reduced the file size by more than 36%.

You ought to be using groups and components for the parts of the model you are creating. As it is you have a lump of loose geometry.

Turning off Profiles and textures in the style can help reduce the load on your computer. Keeping your models clean also helps.

Thanks. What is the graphics card? 4.00 GB doesn’t tell us anything.

Oh thanks for that. I have some followup questions as I am still learning.
Qn 1. What do you mean by incorrect tag issues? The concept I am trying to create unfortunately will require more models from the warehouse than what i can build myself. So how best do you advise?
Qn 2. What do you mean by graphics card?

In your main window look up systems. It should list your graphics card.
image The underlined part in the screen shot should show your graphics card. This is a screenshot of mine.

To help achieve your goals, some time spent at the SketchUp Campus and at the SketchUp - YouTube channel will be very worthwhile. Both sites are from the SketchUp team. On the YouTube channel, pay attention to the Square One Series and Level UP series. They cover the basics for each tool.

This computer doesn’t seem to have any. see below

you need more RAM, can you computer take additional RAM Modules? 4gb is the minimum. type device manager in your search box at the bottom left of your windows screen and then navigate to Display Adapter. it will tell you what your graphics card is.