Dani’s SketchBook

Hi Dani.
Many thanks for the new energy you’ve brought to this forum.

When a material is applied to a container but lying along the wrong axis you may open the container and change the axis. The material will then automatically follow the new axis direction.

I have all of my materials configured with the long dimension oriented top-to-bottom in the Materials browser window. Then as I work through a design and create components I’ll set the long dimension of the component to be the blue axis. Hope that makes some sense.

Here’s an example.

Progress Example3


I wanted one.


I make fun of @theguz sometimes, because when he did his scale figure he got carried away with textures. The file comes in at 3MB:

I’m a bit less, under 200kB:

Curious about your shirt, and if it’s a small repeating pattern.


Yep. It’s a 6” pattern.

I come in at 418KB paired with Sal

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I love that there are so many tutorials out there for SketchUp and so many people willing to help. Naturally when @JustinTSE put up his 30 days to better modeling tutorial I jumped on it. I’m a day behind finishing it, and the video has some nausea-inducing scene transitions, but it’s all in here.

TSE 30 days.skp (11.3 MB)

I did it all on iPad. Thank you so much Justin. I learned a veritable buttload of cool things.

Side-note: The construction animation gave me some trouble. Half the time I couldn’t see the section cuts anymore. I will have to practice them more. EDIT:: okay so apparently all of the section cuts are wrong in the video. Apologies.

You know, of all the things …. This stupid scene is probably my favorite.

Or maybe this one


Great job on having the perseverance to work your way through that :+1:
Got to say though… the animation made me seasick :crazy_face: :wink:

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Loving the style and details in these models!

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OMG This is awesome! I love the Smithy model from your earlier post - so cool! :sunglasses:

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Thank you :heart:

Messing around. Textures created in procreate, final image a SketchUp screenshot.


Super cool thread Dani. Your work is simple and creative, love the style, and it’s getting better!
It’s become a real click bait for me! :smile:
Thank you!

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Been home sick for a few days. Plenty of time to do nothing.

Modeled completely from scratch in iPad using split-screen to see the pdf from Lego.


I Can’t imagine what will happen if you do something!!


Because I can…certainly not because I should.

Lego Mini Cooper Kit.skp (5.5 MB)




Thanks @Dave for clarifying that point I was going for speed but if you have textures that need to be oriented in specific directions, as noted, apply them individually to faces.

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Love this!

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I did something on those lines with a pop-out wooden pieces puzzle, that I had already built in the real world. Not on iPad though…


This is also awesome. I would do this puzzle.

Did you make a version that could be lasered out of plywood?