Dani’s SketchBook

To make…. a… GIANT ONE??? ((Steepled, evil fingers))

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I carefully traced the pieces with the Freehand tool, before the recent Freehand tool improvements. I doubt that what I drew is very CNC friendly.

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Hello Colin,
Is you mobile app available for download?

Hello Dani,
I found this thread very cool,
You encouraged me to get back to Sketchup after a long time of not using it,

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I don’t think so. The company we did that for had a lot of apps in the various app stores, and when they were acquired by a bigger company they cut back on them.

No problems,
Thanks and have a nice weekend

My life lately has prevented me from doing interesting things, but I got a moment to try this concept again. Not really liking it this time. Custom background drawn in procreate.


Very cool and fun :+1:

Very fairy-tale like but … it seems to me that the model of the house should be larger in relation to the background.

Quick Smurf house. Everything else is currently NDA.


I smurf your smurfy smurf!

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Trying to figure out the best practice for illustrative construction documents…

Experiments on my sauna project:


One more.


More experimentation with finished images. Mostly styles. When twinmotion finishes installing I will try this model in a render.

Quick cardboard model from years ago, done as an example for one of the courses I taught. It is a set design for a theatre with a thrust stage. Plexi over a painted decking, etc. Mind you, this design is not legit. There’s ADA compliance issues with the front aisle, and I would want the docks to be more ragged (maybe I will go back and mess them up a little :slight_smile: Time permitting.) This is just for playing with styles.

I did a quick SketchUp model of it so that I could play. The Pro version on my computer has SO MANY more styles. I like it.

Then I tossed it into a drawing program and did a 5 minute paint-over for some extra texture…

I like it. Can’t wait to render it so I can put some lights on it. The lilypads on the Plex will leave some nice, offset shadows on the deck and steps… Exciting.


Something to keep in mind, different render engines are better for some things than others. Many leave you guessing how your lighting will look until you have clicked and waited for the render to process, others work with lighting live so you can see where you are moving and focusing, just like the real thing.
This was a quick test I did some time back with Enscape and I was very impressed with the way you could develop an effective lighting plan. Even to cutting in the lights with barn doors and so on. I’m not specifically recommending Enscape, just pointing out that they aren’t all the same.

Enscape Image


I did v-ray and thought it was a good one, but not willing to put out for the sub at the moment. I wouldn’t use it enough.

I’m trying to run through a few of them for that very reason. No real success at even getting the model into twinmotion yet.


I actually like the way the models look in SketchUp though. I have very limited time to do anything else in any case.


Have you looked at SU Podium? It’s simpler than V-Ray.

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Unreal Engine?
I’ve been thinking about learning this myself. I just need to buy a new PC.

Link to learn SketchUp -> UE5

Sketchup to Unreal Engine | Course

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The second model that I asked help for from you guys was the “Sauna in a Bunker” project. I am glad to say that the project is finally underway! Nothing exciting yet, but it’s been through WAY too many iterations for the limitations of the space.



For fun. … …… literally.