Dani’s SketchBook

That did look like fun :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: Now give them a fun paint job. :+1:

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That would be ideal, but I would have to do a custom texture each side for my working style… This will definitely be one I do when e can paint directly in procreate though!

P51 pipe wrench….


Slowly working my way through a second building for that fantasy town. Focusing down the ‘contractors’ street. The front door has been giving me problem solving trouble, which is good because it’s making me think through it…. But I needed a break and a reward, so I let myself do one of the more fun details.

The signage! :heart:


How’d you do the string?

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Follow me on a series of painfully constructed circles, rectangles and arcs that were rotated around mercilessly and welded into 8 individual paths.


I remember the first time I tried to do string, arrrghhh.


I have a… Somewhat lofty… Expectation for my models sometimes. I knew what I wanted and every time I would zoom out and realize it needed yet another string draped over a tapered shaft I would heave a heavy sigh and then get to it.

In all honesty, it needs one more… Draping off the left of the spool and up onto the needle to complete the story/thought…

But I am temporarily broken from the eye portion of the threads.


I scrolled through last month’s presentation - missed out lately because of work - and I am delighted to see how much cool stuff was added since my last visit! You have a very distinctive style…I really enjoy this approach!

Thank you!

Here. It really needed that last string on the left coming off the spool and up over the big needle to feel finished.


Wow. Just wow.

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Thank you. :blue_heart:

What a mind - I’m in awe!

Thank you. :blue_heart:

Successfully teaching yourself solid tools needs to be be rewarded with some 3D printing.

Tiny triceratops rocker.


My son broke one of the front legs off already.


Very nice!

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Thank you! If I ever get my woodshop cleaned out again I intend to make this piece in real life, but this will suffice for now.


With my shop that would be code for “don’t hold your breath.” :crazy_face:


Not as interesting, but I used SketchUp to create a travel sized version of “Mat-Man” which is a teaching tool for autistic children. Then I printed and assembled it. The holes on the hinges were a tad too small on the inside and they broke off when I put in the screw/pin.