Cut list not compatible Sketchup Make 2017?

Hello all,
Tried to download Cutlist from extension warehouse and got the following message :
This extension is marked as being not compatible with your Operating System or SketchUp Version. Proceed anyway?

I am running windows 10


Go ahead and get it. Many extensions produce the same message. The worst that can happen is that it will not work as intended. In that case just remove it.

If it is the CutList authored by Steve R, it still runs fine under 2021. However, he passed away a few years ago so is not going to update the compatibility given on the EW. Alas, the EW has no means to deal with this situation.

Thank you. Appreciate the quick response

FWIW, I use this extension for every woodworking project for which I create a plan. It works as well today in SU2021 as it did when Steve first released it.

Also check this one:

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I have Make 2017 and Cutlist works just fine, use it for all my big projects.