SketchUp 2017 and CutList

I have sketchup 2017 and just added the cutlist ext. I have a mac and every time I go to generate a cutlist sketchup freezes and I have to force quit. Is there a signed version of cutlist

The CutList extension is not currently signed but that has no impact on its working or not working in SketchUp. It does work just fine in SU2017. I’ve been using it with problems on both Mac and PC since SU2017 was released.

What options have you selected in the CutList UI panels? What graphics card are you using? Which version of OSX?

Sierra and AMD Radeon R9 M370x. The second part about UI panels don not get. I have a drawing done and hit cutlist it gives me the cutlist on the screen but nothing saved in excel. also at this point it is frozen. In Ext Warehouse shows as an unsigned version could that be a problem?

That refers to the various settings when you run CutList.

It doesn’t save anything in Excel. If you have ticked the box for CSV, it will create a CSV file from the cutlist.

No. I already said that showing as unsigned will not prevent the extension from functioning.

Where are you saving the SKP file? The extension tries to save to the same location.

they are saved in documents folder. Your wisdom is appreciated and I am certain that you are right but i must have something out of whack cuz just opened a drawing…highlighted and click the cutlist ext. it loaded a list on screen and that was all i could do it locked up.

Yes. Something surely is “out of whack”

Do you have SVG selected?

well I may have cuz when i select SVG the cutlist locks as always. When I tried without SVG selected it generated a layout as well as a saved cutlist and did not lock which is good.

OK. So the issue is why doesn’t your computer want to save the SVG files? Or is the model complicated and it’s just taking a while to save the SVG files? What is the project? Can you share the SKP file?

Do you even care about saving the SVG files of the layouts?

the model is not complicated it is just a dresser…I am not sure at this point if I need the layouts saved. The most critical is the ability to print the cutlist and produce a material list so may be good for now. I am curios why that would be. Would like it to work at some point but glad can move forward now with this helpful tool.

Thank You

I’ve been thinking about this while working on a project and I have a vague recollection that SVG export never has worked on Mac. I’ll hunt through my old e-mails from the author and see if I can find any reference. Unfortunately my friend passed away very suddenly several years ago so he’s not around to ask.

To be honest, I have never found the layouts to be especially useful for most of the projects I do because it isn’t practical to apply a layout like that to solid wood.

Hmm…Like Dave, I’ve never tried the SVG. I use CutList regularly but I never use its Layout feature because I find it valid only if your material is MDF or similar featureless sheet stock. For any real wood or even plywood with nice veneer, the layouts are completely useless because they don’t take any account of the grain features and flaws of the wood they are layed out on. Just an opinion, but I’m stickin’ with it :smiling_imp:

FWIW, I’ve used the SVG export option on my Windows machine but I just don’t find the layouts worthwhile for most projects.

@jrhksh, I found an old e-mail conversation with the author and indeed, SVG export doesn’t work on Mac. Leave it unticked and you should be fine.

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