CutList Bridge plugin no longer working

I’ve been using the CutList Bridge 5 extension with several versions of Sketchup over the years. Recently the plugin stopped working within SU2022 on macOS. I’ve tested it in SU2023 with the same results.

I noticed the latest version has finally been signed by the developer. Did it break as a result?
Anyone else experiencing issues with this plugin?

Did you try to contact the author about this?

Yes, via the Extension Warehouse contact button.

This seems to be their official website. Might be worth it to drop a line on their contact page, who knows.

Thank you. Yes, I’m exhausting every Google searchable means to reach out.

In the meantime, I’m looking for any consensus amongst the plug-in users who might be experiencing a problem while troubleshooting my installation. I’m not sure what happened.

I’ve reverted to the previous (unsigned) version of CutList Bridge 5, and it’s working again. Not sure what’s wrong with the latest signed version. Hoping Joe Zeh can give it a look.

I’ve spoken with the developer, and a fix is on the way.
God bless this community!

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Your profile says you are using the SketchUp “Free Plan”. That doesn’t have any facility to use extensions at all.

As far as the most recent version of CutList Bridge, you might try contacting Joe directly. CutList Bridge