Hi All,

I use Sketchup Pro 2021. I’m trying to download Cutlist Extension program yet when I go to download Im greeted with the below message -

Is it compatible with 2021 ?

Many Thanks,


Although it isn’t marked as compatible by the Extension Warehouse it does indeed work in SketchUp 2021. It also works in SketchUp 2022.

BTW, your profile indicates you are using Sketchup Free (web) and “SketchUp Free 2018”. Please correct your profile as that information helps us help you.

Many Thanks thought it best to check as this is my first extension (I’m new). I’ll also change profile. Thanks very much!

Also before I go into modelling using this extension, I usually include elements in my model space which I wont need cut e.g walls, surrounding objects etc. Should I omit all these items and only have the items I need to go to Cutlist in the space? Usually I send clients a visual of the item I’m making and I replicate there living spaces in the images sent to make sure theyre happy, hence having all these extra items, is there a way round this?



Just select the objects you want included in the cutlist before you run the extension.