OpenCutList 2.0.0 out!

OpenCutList version 2.0.0 has just been released. It is available now at the Extension Warehouse.

OpenCutList is a Cut list and Cutting Diagram Generator for Woodworkers.
Open Source, crowdfunded and easy to use :blush:

A few tips to get you started on the new features:

  • Presets have been added to save your preferences about settings/options.
  • Hardware is a new type of Material. It can be used to group all components under the same group name.
  • For parts of type Hardware, a packaging size may be added, so that 1 part in the Parts List represents 1 pack of x units. This is typically used for fasteners (domino, clamex, hinges, …).
  • The Cost and Weight Report needs some information about the material (for wood types, configure the Attributes of the Material), for hardware the component itself must be configured (from the Parts List or the Report).
  • For Solid Wood, OpenCutList is using a Waste Factor to account for yield of rough lumber. Depending upon the quality and species of wood, a factor between 1.2 and 1.7 should make sure you are buying enough lumber.
  • Label layouts can be freely configured. It is best to save them using the presets. Multiple layouts, per label sheet or job type, can be saved.
  • A link at the bottom right of the OpenCutList window will open your mail client to report a bug, a translation error or simply a feature request.

While talking to users, we realized that there are many hidden gems/shortcuts inside of OpenCutList. We have set a new fundraising goal to finance the writing of a complete documentation and best practice tips for using OpenCutList.

As a last point, we would like to thank the translator team who has worked very hard to make OpenCutList available in 12 languages.

Stay safe, enjoy woodworking, SketchUp and life!

The OpenCutList Team


Fantastic work! Have just started using OpenCutlist over the past month and have been impressed by how clean and straight-forward the interface is.

I’ve actually been using it even outside of a cabinet-making context for general SU material management on my Mac — so much better than the feeble native manager :slight_smile:. Looking forward to trying out the new features of version 2.0

Thanks for your contribution and continued efforts, much appreciated!

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As a furniture maker, OpenCutList is a plugin that I use almost every day.
It has allowed me to study complex projects with great serenity to calculate the cutting lists and the layout.
And now I will be able to calculate my costs much faster with the Reports function. And manage my parts much more easily with the ability to print labels.

A special mention for the innovative business model compared to what we saw until now in the plugins. It is very pleasant to support such a project.

Big thanks to the OCL team.


I am using the 2.0.0 version of OCL. I downloaded someone’s model and they did everything in “group” and not “component”.

Does OCL recognize groups and if so how do I get it to work?


No, sorry. Because we do not want to reinvent the wheel OCL catch part only in component instances.
And it’s a good practice to organize models.

Ok I responded to the wrong post.

In this post you are saying do component only, I get it. I found a way to change all the groups to components.

but it has a problem computing larg numbers in huge projects.

I am a fairly new user to OCL. I was wondering is there is a way to make OCL create a cutting diagram for solid wood as it does for sheet goods? I would like to give OCL some basic solid wood dimensions, like 3/4" x 8" x 8’ and let OCL place parts on those boards.

Perhaps that already exists in OCL but I could not find out how display a cutting diagram.

Hello, No OCL does not allow to create a cutting diagram if the material is set as solid wood.
But there is a way to cheat by changing “Solid wood” by “Wood sheet”.

Questions for you: Is your lumber perfect? Or will you ignore flaws like knots and weird grain and follow the layout from OCL?

If you can just follow the layout as presented by the extension, will you please share the name of your wood source?

Good idea, I will try that.


The lumber I buy for furniture is typically FAS or “clear select”. My supplier is a private sawmill just down the road from me in New Market, Alabama. His business is “Hobby Hardwood Alabama”. It is very “clean” wood.

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Must be different wood. Even the highest grades of wood around here require some selecting for grain at least.

Out of curiosity, what version of SU are you using? Your profile shows 2018 Make which isn’t possible.

That was a mistake. I use version 17

Is there any way to generate a cutting diagram for hardwood? Some way to enter the pieces I have and have it optimize?

There’s no way to acoomodate grain or flaws such as knots.


Salve ho un problema con l’estensione Open cut list…
Fino ad oggi tutto ok.
Faccio il falegname,la uso parecchio per generare liste di taglio.
Oggi , però,mi sono accorto che generando la lista di taglio con pannelli di 252cmx186cm. Mi diceva che sarebbero stati necessari 12 pannelli. In realtà Ne bastavano 9/10

Componente_21.skp (55.4 KB)

It’s all working well. There is one flaw I’ve encountered when using the pricing option. Once you input the price per m2 it only gives you the price of the entire sheet. Since a lot of kitchen cabinet makers use services of companies that cut the parts per your requirements, it would be more useful to have an option to price everything based on the m2 of all your parts, rather than the entire sheet. For example, if I’m building a cabinet where the total m2 of all parts is, let’s say, 2.6m2, I need the price generated based on those 2.6m2 and not the entire sheet.

Yes currently OpenCutList only compute the raw material cost in reports. Because it’s the only one thing that it could be sure.
OpenCutList don’t know the real shape of each part then computing something else could be wrong.

If we are making kitchen cabinets, closets, shelves, tv units, opencutlist calculates the m2 of all components accurately. So the option to calculate the price based on that would be pretty accurate. I mean, of course I can use a calculator to quickly calculate the price if I have the m2 of all components combined(not the entire sheets), it’s just that it would be a useful addition to already a great plugin and I think it wouldn’t be difficult to add.