Customizing Toolbars

I am wanting to make a toolbar where i can pick and chose the particular buttons I use so that I do not have to have a big long bar for one button.

For Example:

On this bar I only want the follow me button. From another bar I might just want “Position Camera.”

Is there a way to make up a bar with just specific buttons? (my terminology might not be accurate)

Yes. Go to View>Toolbars. Click on the New button to make a new toolbar. Then drag tools from other native toolbars to that new one. Hold Ctrl while you drag and you’ll copy the toolbar buttons over. When you are finished, turn off the unneeded toolbars.

I have two custom toolbars on the left side to replace the Large Toolset.


I can get individual buttons out of the sets?

Yes. Try it!

Well that is too easy and intuitive. I did not think that could be the answer.

If you want me to, I’ll try to come up with a harder way to do it.

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lol I am tempted. :stuck_out_tongue: The draging thing does not seem to be working for me. Am I missing something?

For the benefit of readers who come across this topic: multiple custom toolbars are a Windows only feature. On Mac you only get the single customizable toolbar at the top of the view.

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You need to leave the Toolbars panel open to modify the buttons on the toolbars.

And yes, this is a Windows only thing.

AH HA! Okay that woks. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

I am going to be so organized.

Scary, huh?

LOL I might have a bit of office time on reorganizing my sketchup today… (no major deadlines today)