Customize Toolbar

I can’t customize Toolbars.

I never tried before 2020, but what I thought would work does not. I believed that View->Toolbars would let me both select toolbars AND edit them. But I do NOT see any customize option there.

What am I missing?

You can, while the Toolbars window is open drag tools off of a native toolbar or drag them from one native toolbar to another. You can also create new toolbars. That doesn’t work for toolbars for extensions, though. That has to be set up by the extension’s author. Fredo6, for example has a fair amount of customizing options for many of his toolbars.

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Well, there you go!

Seems to do the trick for me.

After moving individual tools to my new tool bar, I just reset the source toolbar and now I have that tool in both places.



Alternatively, if you hold Ctrl while dragging the icon from the first tool bar, you will make a copy of it. No need to use Reset then.

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