Custom lettering font edging

I am new to Sketchup so I am in a learning mode to learn the tools set… I am trying currently to create lettering and have the edge of the letter raised along the top end and not be able to figure out how to accomplish this. Can anyone provide some guidance?

It’s not clear what you mean by “raised along the top end.” Share your .skp file so we can see what you are actually trying to do. I’m sure the solution will be easy enough.

A stab in the dark. Is this what you are wanting to do?

yes… exactly what I am looking for.

I opened the 3D Text component for editing and used Offset on the top faces. Then I used Push/Pull and pushed the inner faces down slightly. In my example, because all of the glyphs are open, the Offset can be done on each in one step. In the case of closed glyphs like Q, O, P, etc. It’ll take a couple of steps.


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i can seem to select i am I missing something here?

Please explain.

It looks like you aren’t opening the component for editing. Double click on it with Select or right click on it and choose Edit Component.

I downloaded the video you previously shared so I could see what you are doing.

Untitled - SketchUp Pro 2021 (21 days left in TRIAL)2

Again, you haven’t opened the component for editing before getting the Offset tool.

As I wrote before you would need to use Offset on each face. And on closed letters you’ll need to use Offset several times.

Can you select all then use the offset tool?.. I concern about keeping it uniform accross each letter
Untitled - SketchUp Pro 2021 (21 days left in TRIAL)3

No. As I’ve already written several times, one face at a time. You can either type the offset distance each time or just set the first one and then double click for each subsequent Offset. Like Push/Pull, Offset remebers the last offset distance you entered.

cool thanks for all the help…

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what about the center of the text? Seems it isn’t let me select…
Untitled - SketchUp Pro 2021 (21 days left in TRIAL)3

I showed that, too. You’ll have to select those edges seaparately before running Offset. When you have the sharp corners like in the A or R you’ll need to select all of the edges bounding the hole before running Offset.


Got it… Thanks.

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I need to cut a small slit in the left side of the letter what tool lets you cut?

Where do you want to cut the slit? Can you show an example? Maybe like this? I made a “cutter” as a solid component/group and in my example I’m using Subtract from Eneroth Solid Tools so the letter component remains as a component. You could use the native Solid Tools but the component will converted to a group.