How to offset the design

I want to offset the edge outside. How to make offset with selected corner edge.


offset shape.skp (124.3 KB)

You would need the offset tool, to do thatanimation-offset

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You can use the the handy offset tool in the main toolset. Click the offset tool onto the surface you want to offset then you can see offset line being made, move it in or out of the shape then you can either click to set or let go of the mouse and type in the distance you want to offset, in this case 1/8" worked well. Since you have a few shapes here you may need to offset them each then do some clean up line erasing to stitch the offsets together in the way you have drawn. (hint: once you have an offset distance you like you can just double click on subsequent surfaces with the offset tool to get the same offset repeated over and over)

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Personally I’d do a quick weld to clean up your edges then join the three faces into one.

I think other did not understood as Box replied me what i need. May i know which plugin is that. Thanks Box

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To weld the edges: Curviloft.

Not Curviloft I’m afraid.

Ah! Could not read the gif well enough!

Great! Glad you got that sorted out, Box is the man.

The solution check mark :white_check_mark: should go on the solution post, @Box s in this case, not your own post.

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