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Hi, Got a question… Can anyone explain (in layman’s terms!) why the Offset Tool is happy to offset it’s own offset and continue doing so without errors (on the attached plane), yet if you try to get the middle-most offset result in the attached model, in one go, it refuses to play (without using TruOffset)

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Component_13.skp (29.7 KB)


What are you calling the middlemost offset?




I dont know why but you can get or ref it with offet if you select the face rather than the edges. I was wondering if its because the edges are segmented and not curves or arcs, Was the arc exploded? I can only check it in SU free because its an SU18 file


What’s you’re pro version and I’ll back save it


heh I’m just a lowly make user. 17


Component_13 2017.skp (30.9 KB)


I see what you mean although I would have called it the innermost one!

I also see the issue. If you offset internally on the left hand group, it will only let you go a certain way in, but if you stop and then select the newly reduced internal area, it will allow you to continue.

My guess is that it has something to do with the fact that you are starting with a shape that has a square end. It seems to allow you to offset until the length of that square end reaches zero but no further (perhaps because it would become a nonsensical negative value). But once that square end has gone, you can carry on.


Thanks for looking at it. I think I agree with you. What I don’t get is that if you toggle ‘Alt’ which toggles the trimming, you can see how the tool offsets each ‘edge’ line without any confusion. I would assume that it would be relatively simple for someone who knows how, to re code the tool so it just looks at the single loop which is continued from the original edge selected, and thereby using that reference, continue the offset without the funny clipping limit it meets… Know what mean?

Infact using the ‘Alt’ toggle you can see precisely where it stops working. There are two points which, once touching - if you toggle the Alt on and off - you can see they break the code…breaking%20points


wow really weird behavior on this. I tried offsets on the first component on the left and offset goes crazy outside the edges and inside at the same time. Why were the edges exploded?

Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.


The curves are results of other curves being cut from other shapes etc etc… It’s actually a bit of a church window I’m building up for a personal project


What happens in your’s doesn’t happen in mine. That must be down to it being 2017 and 2017 Offset tools being different?


But then my alt seems to be working a bit differently too. Interesting website btw.:+1:


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