Uneven face Offset- weird results

I would like to report something that probably is a bug.
Since SketchUp 2017 we have had better offsetting of faces which automatically “dissolves” redundant edges at difficult shapes, so that offset is nice and clean, self-intersected and causes no mesh errors.
Usually this feature works fine but in this case my face offset turned to very weird course. Please see the image and attached model.
I used no welding. I am aware that curves sometimes cause problems. So the outline of my shape simply consists of edges. Yet if I increase offset above a certain value, the face offsets unevenly, to the worst point when the output face intersects the original one!
Perhaps the face is somewhat ill-shaped but I inspected it and found no mesh errors.
Made with SketchUp 2020.

offset issue.skp (128.8 KB)

Narrow, sharp points such as in your model have long been the greatest stress for the offset tool. The developers have improved the logic over the years, but there are still extreme cases that trigger bugs - as shown in your model.

I see the same results as you.
Using my old SmartOffset tool I get the following

As you can see it’s OK except for the 4m offset ! which is even worse than the latest native offset !
If you select some edges rather than the face you can get a 4m offset, which you can tidy up by erasing the superfluous edges…


Thank you, TIG! I will use your plugin instead.
Nonetheless I hope that the native offset tool we be further worked on and improved. There is still much to be done.

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