Offset - Flipping one segment to wrong side

Offset Test.skp (166.3 KB)

Just wanted to report a potential Bug: Noticing a problem with Offset flipping a curved segment to the wrong side.

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No offense, but does that really matter? The reason I ask is that when I download his file and try to offset the same shape, I get the same bug, all in 2018 Pro.

Quite right. I regularly upload files that are saved as different versions so others can open them.
In this case @Jmartlncln is reporting a bug that has been shown to exist in another thread.
The fact his profile is slightly out of date is no reason to comment.

Here it is saved down to 2017, if you really want to test on 2017 Make.
Offset Test 2017.skp (169.6 KB)

Generally a bug report relates to the most recent version, otherwise it’s not really a bug, just something that was a problem in the last version.

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sorry my mistake.

If I am not mistaken, this offset bug was reported earlier😃

It also matters if you are going inside or out

Yes it has been mentioned several times.

Whether it has been dealt with we are yet to know.

Going back to the problem you’re reporting, I extracted just the face that is needed to show the issue, and made this screen recording. I can’t see what is wrong with the face that causes the problem. If I redraw the same shape it doesn’t go wrong.


If you want to reproduce it, one way is to just make a corner with an arc.

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