Offset Flip problem

Offset Test.skp (166.0 KB)

Has Anyone noticed an issue with the offset tool accidentally flipping edges to the wrong side occasionally? This has happened to me a few times, notably when arc’s are involved. For example I am trying to inset the border of a face and everything looks fine until I release the offset tool which then a filleted corner will flip to the opposite side.

Thanks for any help.

I see that same behavior with Offset when the edges aren’t welded.

Offset works as expected when the edges are welded, however.

I’m in the habit of welding edges as SOP so I haven’t seen it before in my modeling before. Looks like a bug, though. Have you made a bug report?

What method is best for welding edges? Assuming it’s not a native process within SketchUp. I’m a long time user, but haven’t encountered a need to weld quite yet. Thanks.

I use TIG’s TIG-Weld and Eneroth’s Auto Weld. TIG-Weld is good for welding a selection of contiguous edges together. Auto Weld will go through all of the selected geometry and weld whatever can be welded. Welding can save a lot of time later and it’s also a good thing if you use sketchy edge styles.

Welding Follow Me path edges makes it easier to select them before running FM. It also reduces the need to soften/smooth edges.

Same sketchy style without and with welding by Auto Weld.


Ok thanks for the tip to try welding. I’ve not had this issue in previous versions though, so like you said probably a bug. I will fill out a proper report, just wanted to see if it was only happening to me. Thanks!

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