Lines - Offset and flip along

Hi everybody.

I just want to make sure that I’m not doing something wrong nor missing any feature of the program.

Are the following statements true?

  • A line cannot be flip along a axis like you do with a close face.
    Possible workaround: using scale and typing -1 as value

  • I cannot apply offset tool on a line.
    Possible workaround: I can move it with ctrl modifier to make a copy and then type the lenght for the distance.

Thank you.

Yes and yes.

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Thank you, I was to make sure.

A note about Offset—it operates in the plane of the edges that you are offsetting from. What is the plane of a single edge?

I guess it depends on where you move the cursor from.

A line lies on an infinite number of planes so it doesn’t matter which way the cursor moves.

I promise I don’t want you all to get my wrong, but the question came to me because I saw that AutoCAD lets you offset a line, I think you need to specific the orientation and the distance. I’m not using AutoCAD, only SketchUP, I understand they’re different and I understand some features can be considered more logical than others but that made me wonder if SU also lets me do it and I didn’t know how to, that’s all.


PS: I’m happy with SketchUP and I’m not looking for all AutoCAD features, I just wonder if some of them are in SU I didn’t see so far.

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Mirror Extension:

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Thank you so much @ad_1011, however I think I will keep with native tools so far for this kind of tasks.

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To each their own, however you should definitely check out some extensions to unlock the full potential of SketchUp.

Sure, I have several but I try to have as few as possible till I really need them.

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Interestingly, neither flip or offset need faces. They both work fine if there is more than one line. Needs to be connected lines in the case of offset.

It’s not the face that is needed, it’s the plane defined by the connected edges. As @DaveR mentioned above.

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