Non orthogonal line offset in web SketchUp

Is there no way to offset line entities? Once tool is activated the prompt is to select a face or edge.

Working with a non-orthagonal line in the YZ plane.

I also can’t seem to rotate a rectangle in that same plane, defaults to XY rotation.

I have watched the SketchUp for web lessons.

Show us an image of what you are trying to do. Better, include the SketchUp Model, too.

I’ve never shared before, did that work?

in the drawing, working with a 20 degree triangle in the YZ plane, I have a line drawn perpendicular to the 20 degree line, and I’m trying to offset it.

You did not share the SketchUp model. It’s only the viewer. You need to download it to your computer and then upload it here.

Offset works on more than one edge.

Just use inferencing if you want to draw another edge parallel to that one.

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ok I’ll try again. but using Web sketchup offset does not let me select a line. correct?

Try selecting the two lines and then using the offset tool. Offset won’t work on single lines.

Offset with a single edge is move/copy.


thank you! i finally found the Perpendicular inference!

question resolved

Going back to offsetting a single edge in SketchUp in case someone else comes along with a similar question. Offset requires a plane of reference so the tool knows which way to do the offsetting. With a curve such as an arc or even just a couple of edge segments that’s not a problem because the points on the curve define the plane. With a single edge segment as you were trying to offset, there’s nothing to define the plane of the offset in 3D space. You seem to the trying to apply your 2D CAD experiencce to the 3D modeling. Don’t do that.


This may help Down Arrow Key

Thanks so much. My cad experience was 3D and I’m wishing there was a way you could toggle through the different planes. I still haven’t figured out how to rotate something in the YZ plane… but I’ll keep looking.

You can set up a scenes to show different views. If you’d just take the time to learn to use SketchUp the way it is intended I expect you’ll find you really don’t need to work that way.

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