Offset One Line

Hi All,
Silly question from a SketchUp Newbie… I am trying to offset just one line in perspective view, not the whole rectangle. I’ve watched the Sketchup YouTube video regarding it already, plus countless others. My version won’t let me select the one line and offset it. I’ve restarted the program and ran a checkup, neither helped. What am I doing wrong?

When offsetting lines you have to have at least two selected. If you want to copy one line towards you, use the Move tool and tap the modifier key to make the new line a copy, instead of moving the existing line.

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Offset doesn’t work on a single line as there is no defined plane to offset it. It could be moved into an infinite number of places even if the offset distance is defined. Move has to be used for this.

You’ve probably seen it using offset plugins

or Offset Edge by SD Mitch (SU2019)

There’s also a free PushLine plugin by adebeo from Extension Warehouse. Moves the line and creates a face behind it as it goes in either the same or a different plane, depending on the direction you push.

Maybe not quite what you are looking for, but useful.