Multiple offset problem


I’ve run into a problem with multiple face offsetting. I am using two plugins: Multiple Offsets (Sdmitch) and Multi Face Offset (Remus). Sometimes offset goes to the wrong side - outside instead of inside face. I checked normals - they’re fine, no faces are reversed. Everything goes fine when I use native Offset tool but, you know, it’s not too fast.

This problem was discussed there: by CadFather but no solution was found. So maybe now, someone, something?

I attached my model which problematic faces. If anyone likes to take a look, you should have at least one of these plugins installed and perform Multiple Offsets or/ and Multi Face Offset on these faces. Some of the faces get offsetted properly (inside) but some get outside. So I guess there’s some difference in geometry between these two sets of faces but I couldn’t find it.

offsetting.skp (96.9 KB)

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I use @sdmitch’s Multiple Offsets and it works fine. I’ve never had this problem until then. I can not help you with the other plugin, but maybe with this you have no problems again.

My Multi-Offsets was designed to do multiple offsets on a single face not the other way around.

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Try Tig’s Smart Offset.

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I tried it, thank you, Box.
Well, it’s no so smart with negative offset values but it did help, anyways.

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